Smart home systems are a modular system operated centrally. The system adapts parameters such as optimum temperature, ventilation, lighting, blinds, curtains, security and energy saving to each room according to individual needs. It dynamically adapts to changing living conditions. The system communicates wired or wirelessly.

Basic functions: Lighting control, curtain and blinds control, air conditioning control, multi-room music broadcast system, home theater system, video intercom system, integration with security system, remote access and wireless control.

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Rising energy prices and growing environmental awareness have enabled everyone to focus on minimizing energy consumption in buildings and maximizing energy efficiency.Business managers are well aware that sacrificing in human comfort costs much more in terms of lost productivity and revenues.Comfort is affected by temperature, relative humidity, volatile substances that cause pollution, lighting, clothing and other factors.In this case, the challenge is that comfort can be measured objectively.

Akıllı Bina Sistemleri Çevre Göstergesi

The Environmental Indicator offered by Automated Logic offers a simple and effective solution.Starting from temperature as the most important factor of comfort, the Environmental Indicator is expressed as a percentage value and reflects how close the temperature of the zone is to the efficient heating and cooling set points.The Environmental Indicator, which can be accessed via a browser using WebCTRL, is displayed with an easily readable analogue indicator, red segments indicate insufficient conditions and gradually darker green segments indicate improvement, and the Environmental Indicator moves towards 100%.

The Environmental Indicator can also use relative humidity (measured in the zone or return air) and pollutants such as CO2. Each zone, area, floor and building can be easily calculated, weighted according to importance, trends can be monitored and reported.The Environmental Indicator is a powerful tool for business managers to identify business problems and manage energy saving measures to ensure sustainable performance.

Akıllı Bina Sistemleri Çevre Göstergesi

Key Features and benefits

  • An Environmental Indicator is calculated during use of each region, trended and reported as an easily understood percentage.
  • The Environment Indicator can be easily collected for each area, occupant and building.
  • It is dynamically displayed in the WebCTRL's Energy versus Environmental Indicator table.
  • Environmental performance reports are automatically generated in Adobe Acrobat and Micrasoft Excel.
  • LEED EB EA Credit 3.3-WebCTRL reports the percentage of comfort time on a floor based on the weighted rate provided.
  • Future Energy Saving Measures identify areas where investments can best return.
  • It helps facility managers to identify problems quickly.

Akıllı Bina Sistemleri Çevre Göstergesi

Crosby Integrated School District, near Houston, Texas, was a testing ground for measuring the effectiveness of the Environmental Indicator. At the end of just six months, it has reduced energy consumption with the school by 1.6 billion kWh, thereby saving USD 131,000 and continuously improving its environmental comfort. The Environmental Indicator has made it easier to compare comfort and energy consumption by revealing some areas for improvement.

Business Managers now have a powerful tool to minimize energy consumption, maximize comfort and achieve sustainable building operation.