Building Management Systems In international terminology; The concept, which is described with definitions such as BMS (Building Management Systems), BAS (Building Automation Systems) or FMS (Facility Management Systems) and is generally referred to as BYS (Building Management Systems) in our language, is mainly used for heating boilers, air handling units in building or building groups, It is the name given to the devices that perform automatic control of mechanical devices such as cooling groups.

The purpose of BYS is to centralize the monitoring, operation and management of the devices in the building. BYS is essential to create a safer and more comfortable environment for those in the building with less labor and energy.BYS, which could only be installed in large commercial buildings in the period when computers were not very common and cheap, has become a suitable solution and a good investment for buildings of all types and sizes.

A correctly installed system can pay off the installation cost within 2-3 years on average with the labor and energy savings it provides.

Building automation systems; These are the systems that provide significant advantages to the users in terms of both cost and operation in shopping centers, large-scale buildings, business centers, that perform constantly repetitive operations in buildings, and help to take the necessary precautions by detecting the malfunctions and dangers that may occur.

Some advantages of BYS in building operation and management are as follows;

  • Central control allows more work to be done using less labor.
  • More precise and timely control reduces energy expenditure.
  • Jobs that are repeated in the same conditions, always in the same way, provide a simpler operation since they can be programmed.
  • The training of the operators and the control of the system is very simple thanks to the graphical interfaces.
  • The needs of those in the building can be met in the fastest and most appropriate way.
  • Immediate awareness of warnings and malfunctions speeds up maintenance and repair.
  • Historical records, alarm reports and maintenance programs provide a more efficient operation.
  • Flexible programmability and expandability make it easy to meet changing needs and make additions to the system.
  • Integration with other systems such as fire detection and lighting control provides a safer and more comfortable environment for those in the building.

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Navigation tree, intelligent use of colors that show the status of regions and trends, plus easy-to-use high-quality graphics that equip WebCTRL with rich information.

Automated Logic's WebCTRL is a building automation system that offers an easy to understand user interface and powerful control features. You can access your building from anywhere in the world using Internet Explorer without the need for any special software on the workstation. Through a browser, you can access all of your building's management functions, including the following.

  • Organizing and adjusting timelines.
  • Setting desired values ​​and other control features.
  • See graphically trends of key building conditions.
  • View and acknowledge alarms.
  • See preconfigured and custom reports on energy use, occupant overuse, rent payments and much more.

Developed with fully proven open standards and network technologies, WebCTRL's server software runs on all major platforms, including Windows and Linux. Major databases supported by the server include MS SQL Express, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Key features and benefits

  • Comprehensive building operation, easy to understand with dynamic, interactive graphical access.
  • Designed with fully open standards.
  • It uses network language (HTTP) for internet or internet communication, does not require any special software or plug-ins.
  • It runs on many platforms including Windows and Linux.
  • Advanced alarm management skills, including email, pager, network printers, etc.
  • Uses a versatile alarm escalation system, providing multi-level passwords for security and 128-bit encryption with Secure Socket Layer.
  • Monitors and controls a wide range of third-party HVAC and electrical equipment through a scanner.
  • Fully compatible with legacy ALC systems.